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Smith & Wesson USAF M-13 (Aircrewman)

Smith & Wesson USAF M-13 (Aircrewman)

Smith & Wesson USAF M-13 (Aircrewman)

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Model Manufactuer Type Caliber
Smith & Wesson USAF M-13 (Aircrewman) Smith & Wesson Revolver .38 special

About the Smith & Wesson USAF M-13 (Aircrewman)

S&W USAF M-13 (Aircrewman)

Very Rare Good Gun 

Serial Numbers C247000-C406000

There Was A Small Number Of  5 Shot Models Named the “Baby” Aircrewman.  Less Than 15 Are Believed To Exist

The Hardly Ever Come To Market. I have Seen A few Lately Sell On Auction Sites For Big Money And That Is What I Have Used To Price This Gun

Revolver Made In the 1950’s For the U.S. Air Force. It Was Chambered In .38 Special.

It Had A Alloy Cylinder Which Lead To Its Downfall. Flight Crewman And Pilots Were Meant To Carry Them. The Alloy Cylinder Began To Have Problems And The Rest Of The Production Was Scraped. This Gun Is Very Difficult To Appraise.

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