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Smith & Wesson SW99

Smith & Wesson SW99

Smith & Wesson SW99

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Model Manufactuer Type Caliber
Smith & Wesson SW99 Smith & Wesson Pistol .40 S&W, 9mm

About the Smith & Wesson SW99

Year 1999

S&W SW99

Semi Auto 9mm & .40 S&W/4 Inch Barrel 9mm/4.125 Inch Barrel

Adjustable Rear Sight/Decocking Slide Mounted Lever

The SW99 rendition of the popular Walther P99 was the product of a joint collaboration between Smith & Wesson and Walther. The modified receiver used in the SW99 is supplied by Walther and is manufactured in Germany. Smith & Wesson manufactures the slide and barrel of the SW99 in the United States. Though there are slight variations in aesthetic design, the function of the SW99 is identical to its German-made counterpart.[2]

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