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Smith & Wesson Model 6904

Smith & Wesson Model 6904

Smith & Wesson Model 6904

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Model Manufactuer Type Caliber
Smith & Wesson Model 6904 Smith & Wesson Pistol 9mm

About the Smith & Wesson Model 6904

S&W Model 6904

The 6904 is a third-generation version of their 69 series, which were compact 9mm pistols with double-column magazines. The 69-series pistols were designed to be small enough for easy concealed carry, but possessed considerable firepower, making them suitable as service weapons. It supplanted the Smith & Wesson Model 469, but featured some minor refinements. As with the Model 469, the barrel length was 3.5 inches, and the magazine capacity was 12 rounds

The model 6904 featured a blued carbon steel slide and a black anodized aluminum alloy frame

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