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Sig Sauer AMT

Sig Sauer AMT

Sig Sauer AMT

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Model Manufactuer Type Caliber
Sig Sauer AMT Sig Sauer Rifle .308 Winchester

About the Sig Sauer AMT

A semi-automatic commercial export model of the Swiss SG-510-4 battle rifle, the AMT (American Match Target) was imported in very small numbers by Benet Arms in the late 1960s-early 1970s. While intended to serve as a standard infantry rifle and using a number of sheet metal components, the SG-510 and its descendants maintained the Swiss tradition of precision and ruggedness being the top two priorities, resulting in a weapon system adopted abroad as a ‘designated marksman’ weapon and recognized as a high-tier semi-automatic target rifle. Post front sight and 600-meter range adjustable peep rear sight, with a bird cage flash hider on the threaded muzzle, swiveling bipod mounted at the front of the ventilated handguard, and a folding carry handle. The receiver is equipped with a “T” shaped cocking handle, flip-down winter trigger, “S/1” marked 2-position selector and “Benet Arms./S. F. Cal./94-4079” on the left side of the trigger group. Equipped with a ribbed plastic pistol grip and a fancy walnut forearm and buttstock, and a ribbed steel buttplate.

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