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Kimber Micro 9mm

Kimber Micro 9mm

Kimber Micro 9mm

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Model Manufactuer Type Caliber
Kimber Micro 9mm Kimber Pistol 9mm

About the Kimber Micro 9mm

I step up in Power 9mm Easily Concealed

I currently Carry The Micro 9mm CDP

Built in the Kimber Custom Shop to exacting specifications, Kimber’s Micro Pistols are easy to handle, accurate and reliable. Checkering on the front strap promotes a positive grip and enhanced control, even with cold, wet or gloved hands. Rounded and blended edges avoid snags when drawing. Ambidextrous thumb safety aids in fast, safe operation. High cut under the trigger guard encourages proper grip position. Slide-release lever and magazine-release button for fast reloading. Lowered and flared ejection port plus beveled magazine. Smooth single-action trigger with a 7-lb. pull.

Add $ 200 for Raptor Model or Crimson TraceĀ 


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