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Henry Golden Boy

Henry Golden Boy

Henry Golden Boy

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Model Manufactuer Type Caliber
Henry Golden Boy Henry Repeating Arms Company Rifle .22 LR, .22 WMR

About the Henry Golden Boy

Henry Golden Boy

A golden example of classic American craftsmanship with Old-West-inspired embellishments and premium varmint-hunting performance. This popular model was voted “2001 Gun of the Year” by the readers of Guns & Ammo magazine. Its Brasslite receiver shines for a look that hews close to the stagecoach-defending original. Finely grained American walnut stock with a brass buttplate. The hefty, blued, octagonal barrel provides perfect balance for accurate off-hand shooting. Metal barrel band. Adjustable buckhorn-style rear sight and beaded front sight. Easy-to-load, tubular magazine.

.22 LR/ .22 WRM/ .17 HMR Add 13% for .22 WRM & .17 HMR Hand Engraved Add $600

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