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Colt Pre Woodsman .22 LR

Colt Pre Woodsman .22 LR

Colt Pre Woodsman .22 LR

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Model Manufactuer Type Caliber
Colt Pre Woodsman .22 LR Colt Pistol .22 LR

About the Colt Pre Woodsman .22 LR

First Series 1915-1941

The Target Model was the base model of the Woodsman and featured a 6″ barrel with adjustable front and rear sights.

The Sport Model was designed as a field sidearm for hiking and camping in 1933 and had a 4.5″ barrel. Original versions were made with a fixed front sight in the first series, but by the latter half of production, an adjustable sight was available.

The Match Target Model debuted in 1938 and featured a heavier barrel with a one piece wrap-around grip known as the “elephant ear.” A “Bullseye” Icon was rollmarked into the slide lending the nickname “Bullseye Match Target.”

In 1941 as the US entered World War II, Colt ceased civilian production of the Woodsman but delivered 4000 Match Target models to the US Government as late as 1945. These pistols had a plastic one piece grip and were marked “Property US Government,” but appeared on the surplus market after the war.

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