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Colt Pony PocketLite

Colt Pony PocketLite

Colt Pony PocketLite

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Model Manufactuer Type Caliber
Colt Pony PocketLite Colt Pistol .380 ACP

About the Colt Pony PocketLite

The Colt Mustang was a small frame .380 ACP semi-auto handgun based on the┬áM1911┬ádesign and was produced from 1986-1997. It was available in blued steel, stainless steel, and “Pocketlite” (stainless steel slide with aluminum alloy frame) models. It featured both a shorter barrel and slide, and a shorter frame than the Colt Government Model .380, holding 6 rounds instead of 7. A later variant was the Colt Mustang +2, which used the shorter Mustang barrel and slide on the Government .380 frame, holding 7 rounds.

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