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Colt Long Branch SAA

Colt Long Branch SAA

Colt Long Branch SAA

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Model Manufactuer Type Caliber
P1840LBC Colt Revolver 45 Long Colt

About the P1840LBC

The Long Branch was the most popular and refined saloon in Dodge City, KS in 1878. The saloon hosted many well known lawmen, like Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday and the Masterson brothers. The Colt P1840LBC is a carbon steel Single Action Army with a 4 3/4 inch barrel in .45LC caliber . The revolver features full exhibition grade polishing and high luster nickel plating with three fire blue frame screws. The grips are factory fitted walnut with Colt medallion. Special serial number range LBC001-LBC300. Some of the boxes had the wrong serial # prefix from the factory but the guns were all properly serialized. A few posters were printed. They had serial number issues as well.

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