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Beretta Model 92SB-P

Beretta Model 92SB-P

Beretta Model 92SB-P

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Model Manufactuer Type Caliber
650 Beretta Pistol 9mm

About the 650

Year 1980-1985

Beretta Model 92SB-P

The 92SB, initially called 92S-1, was specifically designed for the USAF trials (which it won), the model name officially adopted was the 92SB. It included the changes of the 92S, added a firing pin block (thus the addition of the “B” to the name), making the safeties ambidextrous and relocated the magazine release catch from the bottom of the grip to the lower bottom of the trigger guard. The later relocation of the magazine release button means preceding models (92 & 92S) cannot necessarily use later magazines, unless they have notches in both areas.

A compact version with a shortened barrel and slide and 13-round magazine capacity known as the 92SB Compact was manufactured from 1981 to 1991.


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