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About Gun Advisor Pro

Welcome to Gun Advisor Pro: your guide to determining values, collecting, buying, selling, and trading your firearms.

My name is Hunter Doyle. I am the founder and CEO of Gun Advisor Pro and am a certified firearms appraiser. Since an early age, I have had a deep love for firearms. Hunting, fishing, and owning firearms are essentially a way of life for Kentuckians. I have collected a variety of firearms over the last 20 years and have tracked the movement in prices and conditions across the industry. For years, I have helped my friends find the best deals on firearms.

I have decided to take this one step further by helping the gun collecting community find values on firearms with ease. My goal is to bring the gun collecting community together in one place that we can all call home to discuss, buy, sell, and trade firearms without interference from liberal social media. Another goal of mine is to give our community a place where they have all useful references to firearm values at their fingertips.

Through a variety of sources (value books, firearm magazines, gun shows, retailers, and auction sites), I have used an average pricing structure to come up with the most accurate prices in the industry for firearms.

As all collectors know, values are subject to change and firearms are only worth what someone is willing to pay. The values on this site take into account that the seller is not desperate and that the buyer has the patience to find the best price possible.

Please feel free to enjoy the site. Have fun and be safe.