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Bushmaster M17S Bullpup

Bushmaster M17S Bullpup

Bushmaster M17S Bullpup

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Model Manufactuer Type Caliber
Bushmaster M17S Bullpup Bushmaster Firearms International BULLPUP, Rifle .223 REM, 5.56 NATO

About the Bushmaster M17S Bullpup

Bushmaster M17S Bullpup

The Bushmaster M17S is a semi-automatic bullpup rifle that was manufactured by Bushmaster Firearms International from 1992 until 2005.

The Bushmaster M17S is a semi-automatic rifle that uses a gas-operated, rotating bolt. The design takes the operating system of the Armalite AR-18 and moves the pistol grip forward in a manner similar to the British SA80. Instead of the sheet metal receiver of the AR18 and SA80, the Bushmaster M17S uses an extruded 7075-T6baluminum receiver that serves as the stock and foregrip as well. This method of construction is particularly efficient and was subsequently copied by other designs.

Operation is a short-stroke fixed piston system that is self-compensating. The rifle is chambered in 5.56×45mm NATO and accepts STANAG magazines. The main drawback of the subsequent modified design, reported by some users, was the tendency of its aluminum hand guard to become hot after one or two magazines were emptied in rapid fire. Bushmaster discontinued production of the M17S in 2005.

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